Post Specific Responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing the running of events that have LTSIG involvement (these may be events run by the LTSIG itself or those run by other organizations under the auspices of, or in association with, the LTSIG ).
  • Working with other Events Coordinator(s) to ensure adequate supervision of all LTSIG related events. You may decide to do this by allocating overall responsibility of specific events to each coordinator.
  • Liaising with specific members of the full committee to ensure financing, promotion, effective set up and running of events:
    • Budgeting for an event with the LTSIG Treasurer and IATEFL Head Office
    • Working on sponsorship for an event with the LTSIG Treasurer
    • Arranging promotion with the LTSIG Community Manager
    • Adding details of the event to the website (via the LTSIG Webmaster)
    • If the event is to be livestreamed, arranging this with the Online Events Coordinator
    • Collaborating with local staff from the conference location
    • Collaborating with IATEFL Head Office
  • Delegating work to the LTSIG Events Subcommittee to ensure promotion, effective set up and running of events.
  • Chairing LTSIG Events Subcommittee meetings when appropriate.

General committee duties:

  • attend LTSIG monthly meetings (or send in apologies)
  • share LTSIG meeting minute-taking (rotate)
  • participate in LTSIG committee discussions & providing feedback when solicited by LTSIG Coordinator(s)
  • attend the annual IATEFL LTSIG PCE (pre-conference event) where possible
  • attend the annual IATEFL LTSIG SIG Day where possible and introduce speakers
  • fulfill the responsibility of the job
  • submit reports activity (annual and ad-hoc as needed)
  • contribute to various IATEFL print and e-newsletters (ad-hoc as needed)

Skills you need:

(An ideal candidate for the position will have the following skills, but there is support from the wider committee for areas which you have less experience with.)

  • experience with event organization – face to face, online and blended
  • excellent organisational skills
  • the ability to work under pressure and to deadlines
  • excellent team player skills
  • familiarity with LTSIG events


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